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learn how to make cannabis gummies Cooking with cannabis can be just as fun as consuming . 1. What do you want out of your edibles? If you value buzz over therapy, you must select a cannabis strain that will benefit you. The heating process will convert the THCA into THC, and too much processing and cooking can destroy it. If you want the comfort and relaxation of CBD, you need a potency that cooking will not reduce too much. 2. Do you know what strain to buy? If you decide on the THC: CBD ratio you want, you don’t need the most expensive strain that fits that profile. Cooking will deconstruct the cannabis, so you don’t need the top dollar strain. 3. Do you want the freshest plant? You always want to buy fresh, but you will decarboxylate the cannabis so you will be drying the freshness right out it. You can still use the buds for smoking or other use because you can get what you want from the trim, kief, and debris. 4. Do you know where to get help? There are hundreds of recipes online, but your dispensary budtender should be able to advise you on selection and process. 5. What do I need? Most recipes call for cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil, so you need the kitchen tools and appliances to help. Once you make them, you can store them for use in making edibles with ordinary kitchen supplies. 6. Where do I start? You are going to cook in your kitchen. It should be clean and contamination-free. You should remove other foods and tools to avoid the transfer of cannabis dust. You must avoid risk to any children in the house.

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